Send cash globally on the web

A. Send cash globally on the web

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1. Select your beneficiary

Reveal to us the individual you’re sending to, what nation they’re situated, by they way they need to get the cash, and the amount you need to send.

2. Pick how you will pay

You can send cash online globally with a credit1 or charge card, or straightforwardly from your financial balance.

3. Dependably send cash abroad

Give us a little data about yourself so we can confirm your personality. Audit the points of interest of your universal exchange and after that your cash is en route!

B. Send cash face to face, individuals symbol

Send cash universally face to face

1. Discover an area

Find an advantageous MoneyGram area close you.

2. Bring your data

Make sure to have the beneficiary’s data with you, alongside the cash you need to send.

3. Dependably send cash abroad

Give your data, cash, and charges to the specialist, and your cash is en route abroad in minutes.

C. Exchange cash to financial balances, bank symbol picture

Exchange cash to worldwide financial balances

1. Send on the web

Exchange cash universally to a financial balance rapidly, effectively and dependably. Basically select the Account Deposit alternative, accessible day in and day out on the web.

2. Send face to face

Locate an advantageous MoneyGram specialist area close you to send cash straightforwardly to a worldwide financial balance.

3. Dependably send cash abroad

Regardless of whether you send cash universally from a specialist area or on the web, you can dependably exchange cash to a global financial balance with MoneyGram.

Send cash to a versatile wallet with MoneyGram, telephone symbol picture

Send cash globally to a portable wallet

1. Select your beneficiary’s nation

MoneyGram offers administration to M-Pesa accounts in Kenya, Tanzania, and Romania and to Econet accounts in Zimbabwe. Essentially give your recipient’s versatile number (with universal dial code).

2. Pick how to pay

Utilize money at our operator areas, or credit1 or platinum cards on the web.

3. Exchange cash dependably

We offer support of M-Pesa account in Romania, Kenya and Tanzania, and additionally Econet in Zimbabwe. Assets sent are regularly accessible inside minutes.

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